Ankle MonitorThrough the use of cutting-edge technology, EnSite aids law enforcement and rehabilitation professionals by providing electronic monitoring services for offenders. Our products allow agents, officers, and social workers to interact and speak directly with the offender, correcting behavior and giving positive reinforcement.


This technology also creates awareness of the location of the offender at all times, allowing the individual to safely and securely live outside the prison system.


  •   Pre-Trial Release
  •   Sex Offenders
  •   Domestic Violence
  •   DUIs
  •   Juvenile Supervision
  •   Detention Alternatives
  •   Bond Conditions
  •   Defendant's Health Concerns
  •   Substance Abusers
  •   Work Release Programs
  •   Jail Overcrowding
  •   Weekenders
  •   Aside from outstanding monitoring and customer service, you will also receive:
  •   Competitive Pricing
  •   Prompt Installation and Removal
  •   Full Monitoring Devices Available 24/7/365
  •   Personalized Service with 24/7/365 Support
  •   Real–Time Tracking Service
  •   Dedicated Account Management
  •   Detailed Custom Reports
  •   Web–Based Access

EnSite, LLC Electronic Monitoring is here to assist your monitoring needs by offering you a proactive and comprehensive approach to modifying the behavior and thinking process of the offender. Active tracking and monitoring your offenders in work release programs, alternative sentencing, re–entry or early release programs allow you to confine and control your offenders while allowing you to better manage and control your inmate population while saving your agency time and money.


In addition to the ankle monitoring device, we also recommend the TrueDetect MEMS 3000 Alcohol Solutions Monitoring Systems.


We look forward to taking care of your monitoring needs. Please call or email us today for more information and a product demonstration.